Matty Malone Studios


Our world is a beautiful place to paint, even in the ugly places there is still something beautiful. Only us humans see the world the way we do, in intense colors and sharp images. Every aspect of my life I absorb in color. I see color of course, but I also hear it, smell it, feel it, and experience it. I paint what inspires me and what comes first are the colors. How does the subject make me feel and what color does that emotion evoke for me? Color communicates in many ways that we are not even consciously aware of.

I believe that color, and style are just as critical to a piece as the subject itself. I love to paint what is around me. My beautiful home of the Pacific northwest and all that is within it. The creatures, the cities, the people and the abundance of water I have been surrounded with my entire life. Painting makes me feel connected to my community and that I am adding to its history. While I may experiment in many different forms of painting; acrylic, oil, water color, resin, mixed media and more, it all comes back to what colors I am using and how they communicate to my audience.