The Dusty Pug


Address: 816 Pacific Ave, Bremerton, WA 98337

Phone: (360) 616-0152

We have a passion for all that is old and unique! For years, we’ve been enjoying the hunt and excitement of finding those forgotten and neglected treasures out there just waiting to be brought back to life, whether it be a restoration or completely re-purposing an item to create something truly unique (our specialty is custom lamps!). Years later... we realized we don’t have the room to keep them all... Ha! Now, we offer our finds and creations with others that might share our passion for all that is old and unique!

The mid-century era holds a special place in our hearts, but we believe ALL the vintage and antique eras offered unbelievably cool stuff! So if you’re into the Victorian era, the Arts & Crafts movement, Mid Century Modern (MCM), etc... there’s a good chance we will have something for you, so check back with us often!

Beginning in May, 2018, we took over as owners of the Bremerton Vintage Flea, and in February, 2019 we opened up The Dusty Pug storefront at 816 Pacific in Downtown Bremerton. Located in a amazing old building, a Pontiac dealership in a former life, you can find all of The Dusty Pug’s treasures!

Please contact us anytime if you see something that catches your eye (or heart)!

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